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City of Duluth

The City of Duluth is a municipality governing approximately 85,000 people at the gateway to the Great Lakes. The City of Duluth provides police, fire and other protection to citizens, provides utility service in the form of natural gas to the vast majority of the city's residents, and maintains the public infrastructure. The City maintains over 100 parks for the enjoyment and recreation of residents, and provides a state-of-the-art Library system for the benefit of citizens. The City is also actively involved in the recruitment of new businesses to improve the quality of life in Duluth. The City is governed by a mayor and a nine-member City Council, which jointly set the annual operating budget and city financial priorities.

The City of Duluth's web site has links to employment opportunities.

Management Information Systems (MIS)

MIS is responsible for daily computer operation, systems development and PC/network support. Daily computer operations encompass data entry, batch processing, and/or report distribution for the City's daily business functions.

MIS is responsible for the development and maintenance of the custom applications and purchased packages used to perform business functions. The daily business functions supported include: financial and payroll systems, licenses and permit processing, inventory and purchasing procedures, fleet management, utility billing and accounts receivable, and property assessment.

MIS also supports the operating system software for the City's IBM ES9000 mainframe running under VM/VSE. PC/network support includes maintenance for approximately 600 personal computer workstations, the local and wide area network connecting City Hall and various remote locations, general office application software, and any network based application development activities.

The City's MIS staff supports approximately ten servers providing a variety of functions to City staff. This includes the City's primary Novell Network servers, E-mail system, and Internet gateways. MIS staff also includes support for the geographic representation of data and includes staff to support the City's GIS application development and data management.