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Membership Guidelines for DACC

Members of DACC lead units that provide internal support to their organizations. Computer vendors, internet service providers, and other information technology vendors are not members of DACC.

New members must be proposed by existing members, and membership will be determined by a consensus of the existing members. DACC membership will be limited to 15 members unless DACC takes consensus action to expand this number.

Size of the IT staff in an organization may be a consideration in determining membership. A prospective member should have a large enough IT staff (15 FTE or more) to be able to contribute significantly to the collaborative efforts of DACC and its subgroups.

If a member does not participate in the consortium for one year or more, that member will be considered inactive and removed from the membership list. Chief information officers should designate a regular alternate who can attend meetings when the CIO must be absent.

Membership in DACC subgroups is limited to the technical staff of the member organizations, although guests may be invited on a per-meeting basis.

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